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Position : Senior Developer (Back End Emphasis) Location : Chandigarh, UT (India)
  • Develops database driven web-based applications and systems.
  • Coordinates with technical management and follows task/project direction and deadlines.
  • Understands and enhances complex web-based application systems architecture and design..
  • Codes web-based applications as well as server-based, network-capable compiled software.
  • Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s or equivalent 4-year degree in computer science (or consummate experience in Internet development/programming).
  • Proficient in MySQL databases, SQL 92, and MySQL extensions (at least 2 to 3 years experience).
  • Excellent programming skills in Perl and C/C++ for UNIX
  • Must know Perl Object Oriented techniques and be able to develop Perl Modules and mod_perl applications.
  • Know-how of programming for Perl, XS, and C code is required.
  • Must be able to hand code Perl and DBI::DBD or HTML not using visual or WYSIWYG software tools.
  • Must know TCP/IP and be able to code efficient C/C++ server-based network-capable code.
  • A good understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and the Browser Object Model are a must.
  • Experience with CSS, DHTML, PHP, Java, XML, and UNIX shell is required.
  • Understands requirements/tasks, asks questions first to avoid waste of time, makes proper assumptions.
  • Must be proficient in MS Office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Access.
  • Must know Linux servers and be able to work on Windows and/or Linux PCs.
  • Must be quality and detail oriented.
  • Must be able to type at least 40 words per minute.
  • Must be self motivated and success driven
  • Must pass company test for Perl, MySQL, SQL, and C.
  • Valid Passport(optional) and references/background check.
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    SAGE is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports workforce Diversity.
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